Mr B & Friends collaboration for stunning website

Automate Pro

WordPress Development
Subtle transitions
Simple CMS
Design to WordPress

I had the pleasure of working alongside Mr B & Friends to bring their website designs for Automate Pro to life. The team at Mr B & Friends had done wonders for their new branding and needed a new website to match.

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Website development for web agency Mr B & Friends

The aim was to take the website designs the talented designers at Mr B & Friends had produced and bring them to life into a new WordPress website. The website has subtle animations and transitions to make the website engaging for the end user. I think you will agree the end result is stunning.

automate pro homepage tablet

Flexible & solid WordPress foundation

The website was built in a way which allows Automate Pro too easily manage their content themselves. Working with Mr B & Friends was a pleasure and think the end result speaks for itself.

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